Events Calendar


10th and 11th Mediumship
5th and 19th Evening of Meditation
23rd Spiritual Church Service – Panania


31st May and 1st June Seeing and Understanding the Aura
2nd and 16th Evening of Meditation
27th Spiritual Church Service – Panania


7th and 21st Evening of Meditation
25th Spiritual Church Service – Panania


2nd and 3rd Trance Mediumship
4th and 18th Evening of Meditation
22nd Spiritual Church Service – Panania


1st and 15th Evening of Meditation
26th Spiritual Church Service


11th Guide Workshop
20th Evening of Meditation
24th Spiritual Church Service – Panania


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Knowledge and Guidance Through Truth and Love®

Crystal Stargate provides a platform to share the knowledge and guidance gained over 45 combined years of metaphysical discovery. 

As now renowned holistic healing facilitators themselves, Christine and Geoff provide gentle awareness programs in healing self and others, mediumship, meditation, development and clearings.

They also conduct a fully approved and accredited Diploma Course in Energetic/Spiritual Healing. 

People can learn to connect to their inner self as well as to the spirit world and help end their own personal struggles, finding lasting peace. 

They will show you, love does not ever die!

Part of the process is learning different modalities and techniques to help you move along your path. To acknowledge and let go of areas of your inner self that no longer serve you in your journey.

The many workshops they hold guide their clients/students to understand and develop their own skills physically and spiritually. This enable them to work with spirit and walk in the physical world. Thus bringing heaven to earth.

They believe that giving knowledge, guidance and understanding to others enables them to move forward and gain control of their own lives and restores balance back to mind, body and spirit.

We are all naturally gifted, let us show you how to unlock and nurture those gifts.

Other Courses and Workshops include: Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing/Pathways to Self/Self Awareness/Seeing and Understanding the Aura/Meeting your Guides/Mediumship/Trance Channeling/Healing/Healing with Colour/Crystals/PAHT/Daavid Therapy

"We care about the well-being of your mind, body and spirit"

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